19 de juliol 2006


Mireu esta foto de quan estava a Alemanya:

4 a Aachen

El tercer per l'esquerra és Fadel Abdullah Jaber, del Líban. L'altre dia me va enviar un mail, per la situació al seu país, que vos copio i apego perquè crec que és la millor forma de descriure la situació allà:

Dear Citizens of the world,

Our country, Lebanon, is being destroyed.

Just a few days ago we went to our schools, universities and work in peace. We went to the beaches to enjoy the Mediterranean, went with friends to the mountains on trips, to the cinema and the city-life. We went to bed, not knowing what we would wake up to. We woke up to a war we had no say in. We woke up to a nightmare.

To explain the situation between Hezbollah and Israel is beyond the purpose of this message. We simply wish to express our frustration and deep desire for peace.

As you read this message innocent civilians are being slaughtered mercilessly bombs being dropped on their homes. At the time of writing, the death count is about 100 innocent civilians dead, and hundreds wounded. The population of Lebanon is now seeking underground refuge from this massacre, but many have no safe place to be. Innocent civilians fleeing from their villages are being bombed while in their cars. Whole families have been killed.

We ask you to reach out to your families, friends and representatives, tell them of our suffering, tell them of the loss of innocent life, tell them of the terrorizing of millions of peace-loving human beings who have nothing to do with this madness.

This is a call for all our friends in the world, all fellow human beings, to support this cry against violence. Surely there is no reason to justify the death and suffering of millions of innocent human beings!

Please forward to all your contacts, with our deepest appreciation.

Això. Si voleu actuar, Amnistia Internacional ha posat una web a disposició de tothom que vullga demanar ajuda. Només teniu q omplir el formulari:


Sé que hi ha molts bloggers que lligen açò. Sabeu que mai vos he demanat res, però esta vegada crec que és important. No és només una guerra, gent que m'importa està en perill. Així que, si us plau, vos demano que vos feu ressò, almenys, de la iniciativa d'AI. Podeu copiar qualsevol text d'aquest post, però vos demano que, siga quin siga el tema del vostre blog, vos involucreu. Per favor.

ACTUALITZACIÓ: El periòdic britànic The Independent treu esta portada:

I Fadel m'envia este altre mail:

Dear Cris and Javi,

Thank you for your e-mail and for your support. Its a dark period we're going through in Lebanon. It is unbelievable. The scale of the attack is beyond description. Israel has the 4th strongest army in the world. A massive military power, all directed towards our small country. Their head military officers said they are going to make Lebanon like it was 20 years ago, during the civil war, all rubble and ruins. THEY ARE DOING IT. everything that we built in the last 15 years.

On the other hand, there is one thing giving us, the lebanese, hope. Its our unity, our solidarity. For the first time, we stand united, muslims and christians in the face of the brutal power. Muslims in south lebanon are seeking shelter in the homes and land of their christian brothers in the north and Mount Lebanon. Churches and Mosques are open to provide shelter for the refugees. WE STAND UNITED. Things are different from the way they used to be 20 years ago. Israel will not be able to crack the lebanese society again. Thats our hope. Thats our faith.

Unity. That's what israel is trying to destroy, they want to destroys Lebanon's message to the world. Message of harmony and tolerance between religions and societies. Offcourse, they envy us for that, for our ability to co-exist, our ability to build again, our ability to rise united from under the ruins. Their fanatic, isolated society fear such neighbors...

But, it doesn't matter how much they destroy and how much they kill... WE WILL LIVE. LEBANON WILL LIVE. Lebanon lives in our hearts, in our land...

I think i have talked too much, anyways, I am still in beirut, working at the hospital. Thats my duty. My family is safe. Thanks again for your support. My best regards for you... Kisses for you all.... stay in touch... Miss you all...

Salam (Peace)....

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